Woman goes viral for making multiple turns to pump gas in her car: ‘Nope, she had it’

Justin Chan

A woman has gone viral for making multiple turns at a gas station in a hilarious effort to align her vehicle’s gas tank with the gas pump.

On June 29, a Reddit user by the username of TheDJAiden, shared an approximately four-minute video of an unidentified woman attempting to pump gas into her Dodge Caravan. The only problem is that the woman can’t seem to find the gas tank.

In the video, a couple narrates the woman’s struggles.

“The gas tank is on the other side and she already did this twice,” the male narrator says.

Upon realizing that the gas tank is not on the right side of her car, the woman gets back into the vehicle. The male narrator says that the woman should now know to align the driver’s side (where the car’s gas tank is located) with the gas pump, but the woman doesn’t seem to get it.

In fact, the woman drives to another gas pump with the wrong side of the car facing it, even reversing the car to make sure that the vehicle’s right side is parallel to the pump.

“Nope, she had it,” the male narrator says, noting that, had the woman just simply driven around the second gas pump to use the one facing the driver’s side, she would have been fine. “No, oh no. She would have had to pull around — oh no.”

The woman gets out of the car a second time and looks at the gas pump and her car clearly confused.

“Okay, so now she’s got it,” the male narrator says. “Now she’s got it.”

But the woman doesn’t get it. She pulls into a third gas pump, with the wrong side of the car facing yet again.

“Should you go tell her she’s going [the wrong way]?” the male narrator’s female companion asks.

The female narrator decides to take it upon herself to tell the woman to reverse and go the other way. The woman finally gets it, leading to cheers from the couple.

The video has since received over 2,000 comments.

“Oh baby what is you doin,” one person jokingly asked.

“If you’ve ever worked in a gas station before you know that you will see this happen several times a week but usually the customer figures it out after they move the car around the pump once,” another wrote.

“I hope this is fake or that she’s really high,” a third joked.

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