Woman gives easy fashion hack with ‘outfit formula’ method: ‘It works every time’

Ever stressed out about what to wear and can’t figure anything out? This TikToker may have the solution for you.

Rasheena Liberté (@layerednliberte), a personal stylist, shared her trick for putting outfits together.

“You don’t know how to dress, and it’s not because you’re not God’s favorite,” she said. “You don’t know the right outfit formulas for your body.”

Her trick is to take the structure of the type, using the type of piece for the top, bottom and shoes to create the formula.

“For example, the outfit formula I’m wearing right now is a bodysuit with baggy pants. The beauty about an outfit formula is that it’s going to work for you every time,” she continued.

She went on to suggest storing formulas in the Notes app on your phone to have easy access to the ideas.

TikTokers in the comments seemed enamored by the idea, asking for her to make subsequent videos with their requests.

“Yessss! More formulas please!!! I think I’m a body suit or crop top with high waisted pants girlie!” said @tyra.captures__.

“Please make this a series because I need this,” said @ianthyy.

Liberté heard the clamors for a series and delivered. She’s made two new formulas since then. The first formula paired an oversized shirt with leggings. Then, she combined dress pants and a graphic T-shirt.

“We’re going to take trial and error, and we’re gonna put that into practice and start practicing — because practicing is the only way that you’re gonna be successful at this styling thing,” she said in a follow-up video.

Across the three outfit formula videos created, Liberté has received over 900,000 views. TikTokers love the style tips and have implemented them into their routine already.

“A fit that never fails when you dont know what to wear? Yeah just call me the #outfitformulalistgirl,” wrote @its.just.jewel in her caption.

With a starting list of formulas and a source to get new ones from, TikTokers have found a way to up their style.

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