High-Flying Hog — Woman Travels with Emotional Support Pig

Brittany Jones-Cooper

This is Hamlet…he likes to fly on planes. (Photo: Hamlet_the_beach_hog/Instagram)

Travel is different for everyone.

Some people like to travel with loved ones, others prefer to journey solo — and one special traveler won’t leave home without her pet pig.

Megan Peabody is a 28-year-old woman from the Virgin Islands who has started to fly with her pet pig named Hamlet. She says the pig’s presence helps her to relax in the air.

“I love flying, but I suffer with anxiety,” Peabody told The Mail Online. “Being able to pick Hamlet up, to hold, pet and comfort him makes me feel more comfortable and provides a lovely distraction.”

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Hamlet looks like he’s enjoying the flight! (Photo: Hamlet_the_beach_hog/Instagram)

Peabody adopted Hamlet when he was just eight weeks old, and trained him for a year before finally taking him on a plane. So far he has flown on JetBlue and American Airlines — both of which welcomed the high-flying hog.

“People are obviously surprised but there hasn’t been any negative reactions,” Peabody said. “Children are sometimes a bit afraid as many haven’t seen a pet pig before, but once they come over and pet him and see what he is like, they all love him!”

So what does a pig do for in-flight entertainment? Pretty much what you might expect.

“He sits there nice and relaxed, and will eat vegetables and Cheerios,” added Peabody.

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Meagan Peabody and her travel buddy, Hamlet. (Photo: Hamlet_the_beach_hog/Instagram)

It’s becoming more and more common to see people flying with emotional support animals. These pets are a therapeutic tool for travelers, and can help to alleviate anxiety or assist those with a disability.

With the proper documentation, all major U.S. airlines allow people to bring their emotional support animals on the plane if they are required for travel.

Surprisingly, Hamlet isn’t the the only farm animal racking up frequent flier miles. Earlier this month, the internet erupted when photos of an emotional support turkey were circulating online.

What’s next, an emotional support cow?

When pigs fly.


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