Woman finds out she’s about to be a grandma and totally loses it: ‘I can’t tell if she’s happy or upset?’

A mother’s stunning reaction to finding out her daughter is pregnant is going viral.

There’s nothing like the moment a mama finds out she’s about to become a grandma. A TikToker recorded her mother’s very extra response to getting the big news.

The future grandmother was so taken aback and excited by the news, that she almost seemed angry to some users.

That didn’t stop the clip from garnering over 7 million views, however.

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“My mom’s reaction to finding out my sister is pregnant,” @breckenboeve wrote in the caption.

The mother opened a small brown gift box. When she removed the packaging tissue, she looked stunned at what was in the box.

“Absolutely not,” the mom screamed, “Absolutely not! Are you serious?!”

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She stood up from her chair, red-faced, and scurried away before the video cut off.

“I can’t tell if she’s happy or upset?” one user said.

“Some of y’all have never seen anybody happy cry, and it shows,” another wrote.

“Did she run out of the room horrified or run around the table to hug her? It’s a mystery,” someone joked.

“It’s my mom’s dream to be a grandma! I promise this is pure excitement mixed with shock,” @breckenboeve explained in the comment section.

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