Woman Finds Elephant Seal Casually Hanging by the Side of the Road and People Are Stunned

Most of us might see a squirrel or maybe even a stray cat on our walk home. But not Kendra. The lighthouse keeper sees all sorts of things that many of us don't, including a casual run in with an elephant seal which didn't phase her one bit.

Now we don't know about you, but we've pretty much never seen a seal out in the wild. So we really don't know how she managed to keep so calm.

In a video she shared online, Kendra caught something peeping up at her from the other side of a stone wall. Sure enough, it was a huge Elephant Seal just chilling on the moss and keeping an eye out for her.

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"You're like a little troll," she joked. "Like a little troll under the bridge."

Yep, just another day in the life of a lighthouse keeper. But later in the caption she explained that she always makes sure to stay safe.

"Living alongside wildlife can be a fine balance," she explained. "I always make sure I know where the elephant seals are before I walk along any paths or even go outside. This prevents me from disrupting them (which is my main focus) but it also keeps me safe!"

The whole thing was so funny to the comments section. "You must answer his questions three!" joked one commenter. "I thought it was a person with a raincoat on, lol," another person admitted. "Bro looks too smug, he’s up to something,," a third commenter added.

Where Do Elephant Seals Live?

You may not see an Elephant Seal in, say, Delaware. But there are places where it's more likely to find one out in the open. Elephant Seals tend to live in the eastern and central North Pacific Ocean. They can live as far north as Alaska.

But Elephants don't stay in the same place their whole lives. These seals can move depending on whether they are breeding, feeding, or molting, and the pattern can change throughout the year. They typically breed in the Channel Islands off California or Baja California in Mexico. Breeding typically happens on the offshore island from December to March.

Males and females tend to feed in different locations. Males feed near the eastern Aleutian Islands and in the Gulf of Alaska. And females feed offshore near Washington and Oregon.

From March and August, adults will return to land to molt. Between their breeding time and their molting time, seals will return to where they feed.

This is all to say that Kendra was lucky she saw the seal. There was a chance that he'd be off living his best life somewhere else.

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