A Woman Fake Fights With Her Cat On Instagram And I Don't Know Anything Funnier

Let me first say that I am not a huge cat person, but I appreciate the companionship they give people.

@SkyTV / Via giphy.com

I don't really trust people, animals, or things that don't make a sound when they enter a room, and cats do just that without a bell.

What happens when that companionship is a love-hate relationship that is so Instagram-worthy, I've spent way too much time tea kettle laughing at videos.

Mega is THAT cat. He has so much personality and doesn't mind squaring off in videos. You also can't beat that he's super cute.

She's really not exaggerating in her bio when she says she's "the girl who got beat up by a cat."

Mega reminds me of Garfield, except you can cancel the lasagna because Mega wants a fight.

He's not ashamed to pull hair or execute a sneak attack, either.

Don't get it twisted, though. You can tell they really connect with each other, and the fighting is just their love language?

I mean it. The fighting is funny, but seeing how they really do love each other makes it all worth it.

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