Woman explains why she and her partner sleep in separate rooms: 'Thank you for helping to normalize this!'

TikToker Siobhan (@siobhan.lauren) made a video explaining how sleeping in a separate room from her partner has improved both her relationship and overall quality of life.

Siobhan is a TikToker who recently shared a surprising practice that she’s adopted: sleeping in a separate room from her partner. In the video, Siobhan explains how breaking from a common relationship norm and sleeping separately from her partner has actually strengthened their relationship.

“We’ve lived together for three years, and for one and a half of those years, we’ve had our own bedrooms and we’ve slept separately,” Siobhan says as the video begins.

She goes on to explain that while she and her partner occasionally sleep in the same bed, they spend most of their night sleeping apart.

“I actually got this advice from a married couple who had been married for like 40 years, and they were so happy and so youthful and so in love,” she recalls. “They said that sleeping separately has been a game changer — and also, just generally having your own space.”

Siobhan goes on to explain that the main reason she and her partner began sleeping apart was because they have very different sleep schedules.

“I’m also someone whose mood is very influenced by how much sleep I’ve had,” she notes. “So with Jamie being a night owl and me being more of an early sleeper, when we were sleeping together I’d end up staying up a lot later and I wouldn’t get as good of sleep.”

“Since doing this, I feel like it’s made such a difference and I wouldn’t change anything,” Siobhan says as the video ends.

TikTok viewers support this separate sleep situation

Viewers applauded Siobhan’s choice and shared their own stories of sleeping apart from their partners.

“I love this. We can sleep separately if it’s practical, but we can choose to have sleepovers in each other’s rooms,” one viewer wrote.

“I can never understand why this isn’t more normal! I love my partner but his dang sleep schedule just doesn’t match up with mine,” another viewer shared.

“Thank you for helping to normalize this!” commented another TikToker.

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