Woman enraged over boyfriend’s ‘hurtful’ decision making: ‘Reevaluate your life’

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A boyfriend ditched his girlfriend on a mountain to watch a Jets game and he wants to know if he was wrong.

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to share what happened. The boyfriend usually goes on weekend hikes by himself. His girlfriend, who’s normally absent for the hikes, wanted to join on the day he was going to do a particularly difficult one. He insisted it was too difficult, but she went along anyway. To make matters more complicated, he wanted to complete the hike in time to watch football.

“I could not miss this game,” he wrote. “So I woke up early to go and my girlfriend gets up with me and is like ‘Let’s do it’ and I was like ‘what.’ She gives me this whole spiel about trying to better herself and her body which she gives me every year but I still felt obligated to bring her along. Before I agreed I made sure she understood that it would be challenging and that I was going to be going at a brisk pace because I needed to be home in time for the game. I told her that if she wanted we could do some lighter hikes later this week so she can ease herself into it but she insisted she could keep up.”

But during the hike, she couldn’t keep up with him and this is where the conflict arose.

“I offered to turn around and tackle it another time but she insisted she just needed to adjust to the altitude change,” he explained. “Nope. It took us over two hours to get up and she complained and begged for water the entire time. We got to the top and I told her we needed to get down faster than we went up because if we didn’t I was going to miss kickoff. She got all pissy over that and was like isn’t spending time with me more important than the game. I knew this was bait so I just said back that I told her the conditions beforehand and it wasn’t respectful of her to slow me down like this. Then she got real mad and basically shrieked across the entire peak that I might as well just leave her up there and I was so angered and embarrassed by her that I did.”

The boyfriend claimed the descent was easier and that there were people around who could help her if she needed it.

“I felt bad so I waited for her in the car and watched the game on my phone and she didn’t make it down until the fourth quarter which I pointed out to her as soon as she opened the door,” he said. “She won’t talk to me. I know my actions were hurtful, but her peak freakout had humiliated me and I didn’t know what else to do.”

Reddit thought the boyfriend’s reaction was out of line.

“If a game is more important to you than your girlfriend then why do you even keep her around? Reevaluate your life,” one user said.

“Your girlfriend wanted to spend time with you and the first thing you do is ‘neg’ her and then leave her behind on the walk,” another commented.

“Watching a football match matters to you more than your significant other?” someone said.

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