Woman doesn’t want sister to add kids’ father to Christmas gift tags: ‘[She] is taking advantage’

A woman doesn’t want another family member taking credit for her Christmas gifts.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. She spent nearly $2,000 buying presents for her sister’s two children. The issue arose when her sister labeled the gifts as being from “mommy, daddy, and auntie.” But their father didn’t contribute a single cent.

The Reddit poster doesn’t get along with the father because he doesn’t financially support her sister, and because of things he’s done to her sister that the poster “can never forgive him for.”

“I became visibly upset and she asked me what was wrong,” the Reddit poster wrote. “I told her I didn’t want her labeling my gifts with her baby father included cause he hasn’t brought the kids anything.”

She didn’t want the father to “take credit” for the gifts and money she spent. Her sister got quiet and stopped labeling the presents. Now the Reddit poster is wondering if she made the wrong move.

People thought she had every right to demand sole credit.

“Your sister is taking advantage of the fact you are doing this,” a user wrote.

“The gifts came from you,” another said.

“Lying to the kids and pretending he’s more involved than he is just builds up the letdown when they realize he doesn’t care as much as they thought,” a Redditor added.

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