Woman deletes her TikTok account after being called out by fitness influencer

If you post a TikTok of you at the gym and receive a stitch from Joey Sergo (@thejoeyswoll), you’ve probably done something wrong nine times out of 10.

Swoll has created a following online with “Gym Positivity Nation” and by stitching videos of people making fun of other gym goers in their videos. Currently, Swoll has over 6 million followers on TikTok and over 2.2 million followers on Instagram.

Swoll recently stitched a video with creator Jessica Fernandez (@jessica.frndz) after she posted a video accusing a man of being a “weirdo” to her in the gym.

“Women are harassed in gyms and it needs to stop, but you are not one of them. An act of kindness or a glance does not make you a victim,” Swoll wrote in the captions.

Fernandez has since deleted the video and apologized.

After Fernandez’s video, Swoll stitched another video with @gwinie_the_pooh due to the fact she was putting an elderly man in her videos.

“Making fun of an old man working out for likes and attention? Really? Thank everyone who defended him,” Swoll said in the captions of the 46 second video.

“Mans just having fun with the bag why hate?” said @doubie.swag in the comments.

@Gwinie_the_pooh took things a step further than to just apologize. She deleted her TikTok account.

Swoll, in that same video, also brought up the fact that many people want filming banned in all gyms.

Some gyms have banned filming, but gym goers may be a little hesitant to give up that right.

Reddit user u/smallof2pieces spoke on this issue in a thread and received praise for their response.

“it’s a decision that needs to be made in context to each gym and its culture and clientelle,” they said. “But I go to a powerlifting gym and banning filming would not go over well there. …Same would go for an Olympic lifting gym, or a bodybuilding gym where they need to record poses for review and tweaking.”

It’s an interesting debate, especially with recreational lifters bringing their cameras to the gym. If many gyms continue to allow recordings, remember that if you are making fun of anyone in the gym, you might end up on Joey Swoll’s TikTok.

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