This Woman Declared There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Bikini Body’

Tesia Kline and a friend showing off their beach bodies. (Photo: Instagram/Tk_line09)
Tesia Kline and a friend showing off their beach bodies. (Photo: Instagram/Tk_line09)

While scrolling through Tesia Kline’s Instagram feed you’ll find lots of body-positive posts that will inspire you to love the skin you’re in and fully embrace your body — just like she has.

Kline constantly shares “Instagram vs. real life” photos of her own body, and she has gained a pretty massive following (over 70,000 followers on Instagram to be exact) who support everything she does.

On Thursday, she bravely shared a photo of herself and a friend wearing two-piece bikinis on a beach. In the caption, she opened up about how she initially had her doubts about the picture: “Last year, I told myself that I’d be so fit and in shape for the vacation I just got back from. My friend tagged me in some pictures we took this past weekend, and I almost untagged myself.”

The rest of her caption then served as a nice note reminding us all that the perfect bikini body really doesn’t exist. Kline continued, “Lol but then I was like, ‘Why??’ This is me in this very moment, smiling and having tons of fun!! 20 years from now, I won’t be thinking about the cellulite in my legs or the pooch in my stomach. We will be reminiscing on all the fun and great times we had together!! So with that being said, there is no such thing as a ‘bikini body.'”

She added: “There are bikinis and there are bodies, and they can coexist together no matter what you look like.”

Her fans were in absolute awe and left inspiring comments such as, “Great job girl! Keep it up! Never be scared to show your body you’re beautiful!!” Another motivated fan wrote, “You are absolutely a breath of fresh air! I have been thinking these same thoughts and struggling myself; thank you for giving myself and others confidence.”

This is far from the first time Kline has been praised for her confidence-building social media posts. In 2016, Daily Mail highlighted her body transformations showing how the former gym junkie shared her “softened” body just three months after participating in a figure competition.

In April, she also shared a post that read, “Transformations aren’t always just physical. Sure, I may have gained back a good bit of what I’ve lost over the last few years, but that’s not all I gained. I gained confidence, health, knowledge, self-love, and lots more muscle!!”

Next time you think about deleting your bikini flick because your body is what “others” may not think it should be — take a nod from Kline. She’s loving the skin she is in, and you should too.

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