Woman cooks entire steak lunch at office desk and TikTok has questions

A woman cooked an entire steak and baked sweet potato meal at her desk at work and shared her process on TikTok.

Allison (@timetoletergo) is a TikToker who purchased an electric lunch box and is putting it to the test by cooking a wide range of creative and elaborate meals at her desk at work!

In a recent video, the TikToker cooked her most ambitious meal yet: a steak, sweet potato, and green beans.

In the video, the TikToker begins prepping the elaborate meal the moment she got to work in the morning. She marinates a steak in soy sauce and spices, then wraps a sweet potato in tin foil. Finally, she opens and drains a can of green beans, and refrigerates everything until lunchtime.

Once lunchtime rolls around, the TikToker slices the steak and places it in the electric lunch box. Then, she adds the sweet potato and green beans, and plugs the lunch box into a power strip.

In a follow-up video, Allison reveals the results! She opens the lunch box to reveal perfectly cooked green beans. Then, she moves the green beans to reveal the steak. It appears to be cooked, but looks slightly unappetizing, with a grey-ish sheen.

“Of course the meat is looking hella sus per usual,” Allison says.

Finally, she unwraps the sweet potato and sticks a fork in it. The fork slides through the potato easily, implying it is cooked through.

Then, Allison begins to taste everything! “It doesn’t look great,” she says as she slices a piece of steak and puts it in her mouth.

The TikToker chews the steak for a moment, then a smile spreads across her face. “That is good!” she exclaims in surprise. Despite looking a little unappetizing, the steak is delicious!

Next, Allison tastes the green beans, which she also proclaims to be “delicious.” And finally, she tries the sweet potato, which unfortunately, she does not enjoy. “I don’t think that’s a good potato,” she says, sounding disappointed. “I don’t think it’s the lunch box’s fault. It just doesn’t taste good.”

Viewers debated Allison’s cooking in the comments section. Some were impressed by the versatility of the electric lunch box, while others questioned why she didn’t just cook at home.

Cooking at home and just heating it again at work is so much better and easier,” one viewer wrote.

“Well done steamed steak. Yeah, I don’t know about that,” another skeptical viewer commented.

“That little lunch box amazes me with how much it can do!” wrote another viewer.

What would you cook in this electric lunch box?

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