Woman confronts husband after finding long hairs in bathroom that weren't hers

A woman who discovered long strands of hair in her bathroom that did not belong to her was shocked to learn the who the culprit was.The 29-year-old woman first took to Reddit to ask for advice on the stressful situation from the community.“This struck me as very odd because not only does my husband not have hair, I also wear a very cropped, short hairstyle,” she explained.The woman decided to one day simply leave work early and see what was going on in her home while she was away.That’s when she met her husband’s friend Dave, who had been showering at their place since losing his job amid the pandemic.As for why her husband did not simply tell her what was going on with Dave the first time she asked?.“Turns out he was worried about my reaction and me not liking his friendor approving of the situation,” she wrote

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