Woman claims TikTok’s new ‘Bold Glamour’ filter goes ‘too far’

TikTok has released a new filter called “Bold Glamour,” and the app is obsessed with it. The filter has hit For You pages around the world, with over 6.4 million videos attached to it.

The filter lightens up and smooths out the skin while providing a more contoured face. Users are shocked by how real it looks, which has started a conversation about the potential negative effects of having a filter this realistic.

Rosaura Alvarez (@rosaura_alvrz) posted a video with the filter on saying, “This is a problem,” as she touched her face.

“As someone who experienced body [dysmorphia] growing up this makes me sick to my stomach; tik tok u can’t be enabling this…it’s sickening for our youth,” she wrote in her caption.

Body dysmorphia is a mental health issue in which a person can’t stop focusing on a perceived physical flaw. According to the International OCD Foundation, about one in 50 people suffer from body dysmorphia.

Her post went viral, receiving over 8.5 million views and 325,000 likes. Several people in the comments agree that the filter can cause issues for a person once removed.

“YES! Filters are cute whatever but sooo many people actually and GENUINELY believe they look like that in real life!!! ” replied @cydviicious.

“The problem is when I see myself like this, I believe I look like this and then hate my real face,” said @anothersavagemom.

Alvarez made a follow-up video about the filter to try and further explain what she was trying to say.

“Of course, I recognize that I have a filter on. What I meant is that it is hyper-realistic to the point where you almost cannot tell there is a filter on,” Alvarez said.

There is even a trend of users posting what they look like with and without the filter, with the joke being that they were “humbled” once it was removed.

“I love how this filter just abuses EVERYONE,” said @wei.rd02.

From the number of videos posted about being “humbled” by the filter, it’s clear there is a disappointment that sets in once the camera turns off. Whether that can be directly correlated to body dysmorphia is still up in the air. Nevertheless, Alvarez’s claim started a conversation on a serious mental health issue.

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