Woman claims she was 'scammed' by online reseller after noticing label detail: 'Oh my god is this real?'

A woman took to TikTok after she thought she bought a secondhand Zara vest, only to realize a Shein label was on the garment instead.

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Anya (@xx.anzz) said she first thought Zara was duping her, captioning her initial TikTok exposing the tag with “excuse me @zara I want a refund.”

In a follow-up video, Anya admitted that she didn’t buy the vest — or gilet, as she refers to it — directly from Zara. Instead, she actually got it off of the popular reselling app Depop. The Depop seller had allegedly shared a photo of the vest alongside an official photo from the Zara website in the listing.

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“I’m guessing [the Depop sellers] probably get a Shein product and stitch a Zara label on the back and sell it as Zara,” Anya said in the video. “Long story short, I think we got scammed.”

Anya also said she owned the coat version of the vest from Zara, so she didn’t give the Depop post a second thought until she saw the Shein label.

While Zara and Shein are at vastly different price points, Zara is still considered a fast-fashion company. Zara may have a higher price point than Shein, but the clothing brand still lives up to the fast-fashion name with unsustainably high turnover and new on-trend style arrivals every month.

Shein, for context, adds around 6,000 new items to its site every day and the average item costs slightly less than $11.

Prices aside, there are some major similarities between Zara and Shein’s merchandise. There is a slew of Instagram accounts that compare almost indistinguishable side-by-sides of the two companies’ products.

Anya’s TikTok has since racked up almost 16 million views and thousands of comments — many of which pointed out that the Zara tag at the top of the vest seemed a bit off.

Commenters were also stunned at how bold the Depop seller was for allegedly sewing on a fake Zara label.

“Oh my god, is this real?” one asked. “That’s insane.”

Some viewers suggested that Zara and Shein manufacture clothes at the same facilities, but that hasn’t been confirmed. Zara is pretty open on its website and in annual reports about the sourcing of its clothing and the working conditions of employees. Shein, as of now, has not divulged that information.

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