Woman bursts into tears when best friend reveals her newborn baby’s name: ‘No, you did not’

A video of this woman’s reaction when she learned her best friend named her new baby after her has viewers all choked up.

TikToker Mireya Elliott (@mireyaelliott) received the surprise of a lifetime after learning that her best friend, Morgan Shaw (@probablypregnant), named her new baby after her. Elliott recently posted a video featuring her reaction to the news, and it’s a poignant example of the profound meaning friendship adds to our lives.

The clip opens with the text, “POV—Your best friend/soulmate names her baby after you,” over a shot of Elliott sitting in a chair, waiting for her friend to pass her the sleeping newborn.

“Meet Juniper Maeve Mireya Shaw,” Shaw says, about to hand the baby off to Elliott, who’s so excited to hold the baby that the name barely registers at first.

After making the connection, Elliott immediately sits up straight in the chair with an expression of disbelief. “What?” she asks, eyes wide. “No, you did not. No, you did not,” Elliott stammers, growing more emotional with each sentence.

Shaw hands her baby to Elliott, who quietly sobs, looking at the sleeping infant comfortably swaddled in a blanket lying in her lap.

The memorable moment between the best friends certainly tugged at viewers’ heartstrings.

“She can never, never, never not be your friend. I think this is a law. That is so damn sweet of you. I’d be a puddle myself,” one user gushed.

“I’m named after my mom’s best friend! They are still friends 45-plus years later. This is beautiful,” shared one TikToker

“[This] makes me miss my BFF. We haven’t spoken in two years,” one viewer mentioned.

“The emotional range on her face,” joked one user.

Elliott’s heartwarming video truly embodies the phrase, “Friends are the family we choose.”

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