Woman baffled by coworker’s ‘jealous’ reaction to her husband’s weekly presents: ‘Tell HR about this’

A woman is frustrated with a coworker who keeps insulting her husband’s gifts.

She took to Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum for advice. Every week her husband, who’s a florist, sends her flowers at work. A new coworker, however, has taken issue with this. The coworker insists on making jabs about the bouquets.

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“I(28F) have been in this job for 5 years,” she explained. “I have also been married to my husband(30M) for the same duration. Except for the year we were WFH, my husband- who is a florist- has been sending me small bouquets of flowers every Monday (think 3 roses, a small bunch of baby breath…just small arrangements). I have a small vase on my desk where I put them.”

“This year a new woman joined our workplace. The first Monday she was here, when I received my bouquet she asked if it was a special day. Another coworker said that it was a weekly gift from my husband. She made a face and changed the subject. But she started making comments every single Monday when the receptionist brings my gift in. Small things like: ‘well we can’t all afford to waste our money on stuff like that’ or ‘don’t you think that’s a bit tacky?’. I never reacted to her jabs. I am a pro at selective hearing.”

But things got heated when the coworker kept pressing the issue and only got more insulting.

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“This last Monday she went over the line IMO, she said ‘I think your hubby is overcompensating, are you sure he doesn’t have a mistress?'” she wrote. “I was pissed, and I said: well some of us love our spouses and like to show it, not all of us are staying in a toxic relationship for the sake of keeping appearances. Which was a low blow, since I knew that she was having trouble with her husband.”

“She started sobbing and left work early. And while every single person in the office says that I was in the right, that I was more patient than they would have been in my situation. I can’t help but feel like I went too far.”

Redditors felt the woman got what was coming to her.

“She sounded jealous. Then just mean. She got what she deserves,” a person commented.

“Tell HR about this. She will at some point, and she’s harassing you. Going to them first puts her on notice and should hopefully stop this,” another advised.

“She is jealous and showed her bad side,” a person said.

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