Woman Asked to Keep an Eye on Fellow Shopper's Pet Gets an Unexpected Surprise

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We'd watch Daisy any day of the week!

If a stranger asked you to watch their pet while they run into the grocery store, would you do it? TikTok user @gearheadchick sure did, and she got a wonderful surprise as a result. And then we got this wonderful video! All in all, it was a fantastic turn of events, and we are oh-so-glad it's been captured for all the world to see.

It began while she was sitting in the car near the supermarket, when a woman asked if she could keep an eye on Daisy. Well, sure, but...who's Daisy? 

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LOL! We think we fell into the very same trap everyone else did. We were expecting a dog! By the sounds of it, that's also what Rachel was expecting, so at least we're in good company.

"'Are you gonna be there for awhile'. Sees alpaca…. 'I am now,'” commented @cancelsweetpickles. EXACTLY! We are shocked Rachel is even still in her car and not giving Daisy a pet like we'd be doing. @Novagurl2369 had the right idea! 

She said, "I would BE IN that car with Daisy when she came back 😂😂." LMAO--join the party! Or, better yet, "I'd be asking if I can be Daisy's aunt," just like @saltysister71. She'd be our favorite niece for sure! We'd be visiting on a regular basis. 

"This is the type of side quest I hope for when I leave the house," @mbcharbonneau added. Ha! An alpaca encounter definitely adds some levity to any day, and it sure doesn't hurt that Daisy is that dang cute.