Woman claims she was 'dress coded' at Disney World and allegedly told to change: 'I mean, I kinda agree [with] them'

A 23-year-old woman visiting a Disney park alleged on TikTok that she was “dress coded” and asked to wear a replacement shirt.

User @toragrams did not specify what theme park she was in but based on her TikTok bio identifying her as being Florida, outlets like Newsweek have suggested that it was at Walt Disney World in Orlando. According to the Disney World site, “Disney reserves the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that is considered inappropriate.”

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In terms of what constitutes “inappropriate,” the site adds, “clothing which, by nature, exposes portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment.”

This isn’t the first time a woman has gone viral for claiming that an amusement park employee dubbed her outfit “inappropriate.” A year ago, a mom shared a whole saga on TikTok after a Six Flags employee allegedly asked her to leave the park over the length of her shorts, which went so viral Six Flags actually responded to it. It’s not just limited to amusement parks either — in June 2021, two 20-year-olds were asked to leave a bar because the manager said they were basically “topless,” and a few months later a woman was told to “wait outside” while getting her car fixed because she was wearing a crop top.

In @toragrams’s case, she filmed herself wearing a black cropped cardigan that tied in the center. It was clear @toragrams was not wearing anything underneath the cardigan, and one commenter who claimed to have worked at Disney said that “the rule is that your top can’t have just a string to hold it together.”

The TikToker didn’t seem to have any hard feelings about the incident and even captured the video, which now has almost 6 million views, with: “I mean, I kinda agree [with] them looking back at this video.”

Protocol for being “dress coded” was for @toragrams to receive a voucher to go pick up a new shirt. While @toragrams mentioned that the shirt was free for her, other viewers debated in the comments whether that was always the case.

Other commenters seemed confused about why, specifically, @toragrams’s shirt was questioned — considering that most of her upper body was covered by the cardigan.

“Honestly that crop isn’t even bad. It’s just cute, what’s the problem?” one person asked.

“I don’t see anything wrong with your outfit…??” another said. “It’s hot in Florida..?”

But several people pointed out that the strings could come off on rides or, worse, get tangled on them and potentially injure someone.

“I worked at Disney World, and even though it’s NOT a bad top … you reach over 80mph winds on coasters and rides,” someone pointed out.

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