Woman accuses American Airlines of stealing belongings from her suitcase, but learns she actually took the wrong bag

Maggie Parker
A woman believed her belongings had been stolen from her suitcase. In fact, there was a simpler explanation. (Photo: Getty Images)
A woman believed her belongings had been stolen from her suitcase. In fact, there was a simpler explanation. (Photo: Getty Images)

A woman accused American Airlines of stealing $8,000 worth of belongings from her luggage, but it turned out that the only person she had to blame for the mixup was herself.

Anna Knight flew into Miami International Airport on Wednesday evening and retrieved her rose-gold hard suitcase from the baggage claim, People reported. When she opened what she thought was her bag, she didn’t recognize anything inside it: Her thousands of dollars worth of travel essentials and souvenirs had been replaced with equipment like harnesses, reflective safety gear, and power strips.

Knight, who according to her Facebook page is a spa and retail manager at the Delano South Beach in Miami Beach, as well as a swimwear designer, initially surmised that American Airlines had stolen everything from her suitcase and replaced it with “airport equipment.”

Furious, she took to social media to alert her 12,000 followers. “NEVER fly with @AmericanAir again,” she wrote in a now-deleted tweet, according to People. “All of my items were taken out of my luggage and replaced with airport equipment, & all they did was tell me to fill out a form. This is OUTRAGEOUS!! Pls REPOST & don’t book flights with them!”

People reported that she shared more details on her Facebook page. “I just got robbed by American Airlines . . . ALL MY STUFF IS GONE & replaced with airline equipment! $8000 worth of items GONE! Priceless souvenirs from my trip GONE!!” The post has since been deleted from her account.

She also shared photos that show the mysterious items inside what she thought was her suitcase.

Knight tweeted again the next day, saying that she was in tears while talking to the police about the incident, according to People.

At the time, representatives for American Airlines and TSA told People that they were looking into the incident. American Airlines added that the equipment in Knight’s photo did not belong to them.

Later on Thursday, the mystery was solved. Knight tweeted that the airline found her suitcase — and that the one she took from the airport did not belong to her.

And American responded to her tweet.

“She grabbed another customer’s bag,” a media representative from American Airlines told Yahoo Lifestyle. “She discovered the error once we began speaking with her directly. … She just took the wrong bag off the carousel in error, then realized once she got home.”

Her bag was never “lost,” is seems. In fact, it “was waiting the entire time at baggage claim.”

While Knight apologized for alarming people, Twitter users aren’t letting her off the hook that easily.

Knight ultimately summed up the whole situation with one fitting meme:

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