Woman accidentally casts phone screen to TV while sending intimate messages

If you’re in the bathroom, always make sure that you aren’t mirroring your phone screen before sending intimate Snapchats .

One woman made the mistake of not checking, and as a result, her private messages started showing up on the living room TV.

In a now-viral video, TikTok user jessirayne0 captured the hilarious moment her sister’s Snapchats started showing up on the TV.

“My sister forgot she was on Apple Play …

and I can see her Snapchat,” jessirayne0

explains in a fit of laughter.

On the TV, her sister can be seen sending a Snapchat to what appears to be her partner...

with the caption, “Babe I’m takin the

biggest s*** right now I literally don’t

know why it burns so bad”.

Fellow TikTok users found the situation

both humiliating and hilarious

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