Woman Abandoned in a Cardboard Box as a Baby Graduates From the University Where She Was Abandoned

From Cosmopolitan

Over 30 years ago, a young student gave birth to a baby girl in a San Francisco State University dorm room, then left her newborn in a cardboard box by the laundry machines before disappearing forever. Now, that baby is all grown up - and she's just graduated from the same university where she was abandoned.

"Thirty years later I am here to face the past, complete the circle, and move forward, into the future," Jillian Sobol wrote in a letter to S.F. State President Les Wong. "Hope is the thing I believe my mother had when she made her choice. I'm here today making my own choices."

Sobol was all smiles during graduation last Friday, but she also told the San Francisco Chronicle that her journey to a Bachelor's Degree was definitely not an easy one. Along with her heartbreaking beginnings, Sobol claims she had dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, and learning disabilities growing up; and it took a lot of help to get her to where she is today.

Most notably, Sobol expressed extreme gratitude for her family, both adopted and biological. In fact, having her biological mother know that she'd forgiven her was extremely important to Sobol.

"The biggest thing I needed her to know was that I didn't hate her," she told the San Francisco Chronicle. "I wrote her a letter to thank her for giving me the gift of life. And letting her know I was going to State, and that I had grown up with a wonderful family. And that I hoped to open the lines of communication."

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