Food-Allergy Concerns Spur Recall of Mislabeled Wish-Bone Ranch Dressing


Some bottles of Wish-Bone ranch dressing are being recalled because they contain blue cheese dressing, which is made with eggs. (Photo: Pinnacle Foods Group)

If you have a bottle of Wish-Bone ranch dressing in your fridge, you may want to double check that it’s actually ranch.

More than 8,600 cases of Wish-Bone ranch dressing are being voluntarily recalled by Pinnacle Foods Group LLC because the bottles actually contain Wish-Bone blue cheese dressing, which has eggs. (The ranch dressing does not contain eggs.)

“Those people who have allergies or severe sensitivity to eggs run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume this product,” according to the recall notice from the Food and Drug Administration. But “if you are not allergic to eggs, this product is safe to eat,” the FDA notes.

The recall involves 24-ounce bottles of Wish-Bone ranch dressing produced April 23, with a Best Used By date of Feb. 17, 2016 and a UPC code of 0-41321-00661-6.

If you’ve purchased a bottle of the dressing affected by the recall, you can return it for a full refund at the place where you bought it.

Egg allergy can be dangerous, with symptoms including rash or hives, stomach pain, problems breathing, and even anaphylaxis. Manufacturers of packaged foods are required by law to say whether their products contain egg on the ingredients label.

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