The Wingstop Ordering Hack That Gets You Extra Sauce For Free

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Many people prefer their wings with just a dry rub for maximum crispiness, but others like theirs extra saucy for a juicy bite every time. When you order wings from Wingstop, that usually means you have to ask for extra sauce on the side, which will typically cost you an extra $1.99, according to the website. However, as one TikToker shared, there's a way around it that can get you more sauce for free. (In case you're wondering, this hack unfortunately does not apply to Wingstop's ranch dipping sauce.)

All you have to do, according to TikTok's Annette Freckles is to order your wings as normal, but ask to make them "wet." Boneless wings are shown in the video, but other customers have been able to make the same request with bone-in wings as well. Just keep in mind that the sauce probably won't come in a separate cup and will instead be poured on top of your wings. If you don't mind the slightly messier presentation, you'll save yourself $1.99.

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It Depends On The Wingstop Location

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Though some customers have attempted this hack with success, not everyone has been as lucky. Someone on Reddit for example ended up getting charged $5 extra for wings that actually appeared even less saucier than normal, and one of the comments from the trending TikTok reported a similar experience at the Wingstop location they went to.

The reason it's a hit or miss is likely due to the fact that Wingstop franchises about 98% of its locations. This means that some of its restaurants are operated by independent business owners, not by Wingstop corporate. This type of business arrangement gives franchisees flexibility in setting prices for menu items, although the extent of this flexibility can vary from one company to another. For instance, there might be limits on how high prices can be set or how long promotions can run. Specifically, at Wingstop, whether to offer the wet wings option for free appears to be a decision left to each franchise owner.

The Most Effective Way To Order Extra Saucy Wings At Wingstop

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trays of wingstop wings on white table - Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

While your likelihood of getting wet wings without being charged extra varies from location to location, the best way to go about requesting them is by ordering them in person at the restaurant or by calling in your order over the phone. On both the app and website, the only "special requests" you can select are well-done, all flats, and all drums. It doesn't matter whether you order traditional or boneless wings, or order them as a combo or on their own; there is simply no option for wet wings.

When ordering in person or on the phone, you may also have better luck if you say "extra wet" or "extra sloppy" instead of just "wet" as different TikTok comments have pointed out. The reason for this is probably because Wingstop sauces and rubs are already categorized as either wet or dry, so the employee taking your order might think you're just reiterating you want a sauce instead of a rub. If you specify extra wet on the other hand, it'll be clear that you want your wings drenched in more sauce, which would hopefully avoid the extra fee.

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