Winery commits major party foul, spills 13,000 gallons of red wine

No use crying over spilled wine. It’s happened to all of us, right? Even to this giant Spanish winery. The Bodegas Vitivinos winery in Vallamalea in central Spain experienced the aftermath of a damaged tank on September 25. More than 13,000 gallons of red wine burst from a tank and flooded the area. Bystanders were able to capture footage of the debacle, which looks exactly like the iconic “elevator of blood” scene from “The Shining”. The video has been viewed over 10 million times. According to reports, enough wine spilled to surround parked cars and flowed into a nearby field. “Holy God, what a waste,” one Twitter user replied to the video. Bodegas Vitivinos was founded in 1969 and produces upwards of 13 million pounds of grapes per year, according to its site