Win your league, then turn the page on this miserable year | The Fantasy Rush

The end has come. In Jared’s quest to win a championship in his work fantasy league for the second straight season, he hits a wall. In the season finale of The Fantasy Rush, Yahoo Sports Fantasy Expert Liz Loza kills any plans Jared might have had for a dynasty, reflects on a year that was mostly, but not totally terrible, and looks forward to 2021 by celebrating the best part of the new year: herself.

Video Transcript

DREWS BREES Alvin officially won Baylen his fantasy football championship with that performance. [LAUGHS] I guess six touchdowns gets you 56 fantasy points, and so it turns out to be pretty good.


JARED QUAY CAMPBELL: This week was bittersweet. First of all, it's New Year's, and normally that's a night I like to get turned up, but it's going to hit a little different because of quarantine. But it's also bittersweet because fantasy football is about to be over. Check it.

All my squad's are pretty much in off-season mode. Where's the one I'm looking for. though? Oh, there it go. Campbellieve The Hype is my work league, and for the second straight year, we are in the Finals against Rosé all Golladay. I beat them for the ship last year, but this year they had Alvin Kamara and Mike Evans, meaning I had a pretty big hill to climb before Sunday even started. Unless Jared Goff can score 50 points in the last 90 seconds of this game, my reign is over.

I obviously didn't want to lose. But if anything's going to take me down, I'm glad it's Rosé all Golladay. See, their manager's a personal close friend of mine, and she's also the co-host of this show, Yahoo Sports fantasy expert, Liz Loza.

LIZ LOZA: Oh, hey, girl. How it going? You good?

JARED QUAY CAMPBELL: Oh yeah, real good.

LIZ LOZA: Mm. You check fantasy?

JARED QUAY CAMPBELL: I host the damn Fantasy Rush, Liz. What do you think?

LIZ LOZA: I think it sounds like Yahooligans is about to have a new champ. Should we discuss? I play in multiple fantasy leagues every year, and in one way or another, I've been working in fantasy for almost [BLEEP] years. Thanks for the beep, Greg. So it's not technically bragging when I say this championship won't be my first.

JARED QUAY CAMPBELL: There's 40 seconds left.

LIZ LOZA: But I have to admit it will be one of my favorites.

JARED QUAY CAMPBELL: Rams can't even get the damn ball.

LIZ LOZA: There's just something special about winning your work league, especially when you work in sports, especially in fantasy.

JARED QUAY CAMPBELL: Yep, that's it. You're the champ, Liz.

LIZ LOZA: And yet, eh.


LIZ LOZA: Yeah. Eh.

JARED QUAY CAMPBELL: You don't care?

LIZ LOZA: Oh, I care. It was a great season, one of my favorites ever. But beating you in the finals wasn't even close to the best part.


LIZ LOZA: In a year where all of our world's shrunk down to the size of our living rooms, mine actually grew. Think of all of the amazing things I got to try for the first time. I finally ran a marathon, which honestly sucked, even in VR. I got to shred some wicked gnar, but for some reason, totally didn't go viral. I hosted my own award show, yass, christened Liz Loza Park, and got to talk to a hologram of my future self.

JARED QUAY CAMPBELL: Yeah, you did all right.

LIZ LOZA: And so did you. While America quarantined, you and I got to go to the movies, then celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas, all together. Think about it, Jared. Virtually every week during quarantine, we got to be alone together.

JARED QUAY CAMPBELL: I like that, Liz. I like that a lot.

LIZ LOZA: Then you're going to love the grand finale. Jared, I know how seriously you take fantasy and how proud you were of being defending champion. I'm sorry it had to end like this.

JARED QUAY CAMPBELL: Ah, I don't mind losing to you, Liz. you're a class act.

LIZ LOZA: You a class act.

JARED QUAY CAMPBELL: I'm just sad we can't get turned up for New Year's. I love the countdown.

LIZ LOZA: Oh, sweetie. Have you learned nothing this season?


LIZ LOZA: This is The Fantasy Rush, where we make your reality a fantasy. Greg.

JARED QUAY CAMPBELL: Ah, I should've known you guys had something ready. This is cool.

LIZ LOZA: Woo. Not bad, right? It's almost midnight. Quick, grab your champagne.

JARED QUAY CAMPBELL: My what? Oh, hell yeah.

LIZ LOZA: Five, four--

- (IN UNISON) Three, two, one.

JARED QUAY CAMPBELL: Happy-- what the hell is this?

LIZ LOZA: Yes, Liz Loza Champ? Oh, my goodness. This is so unexpected.

JARED QUAY CAMPBELL: Yeah, what a surprise.

LIZ LOZA: Jared, if you'd like to say a few words about what it was like losing to me, now's the time.

JARED QUAY CAMPBELL: Sure. Happy New Year's to you, Liz Loza, the best fantasy manager in Bedford Falls.

LIZ LOZA: Aw, and same to you, Jared Quay, the best co-host on the internet.

JARED QUAY CAMPBELL: Party may not be real, but the booze is.

LIZ LOZA: Oh yeah. Thank god for that.