Wild raccoons take over woman’s bedroom

A woman was left both confused and concerned when she walked into her bedroom and found two rampant raccoons scaling her walls.

In a now-viral video of the unusual situation, TikTok user Dane Monger documented her entire encounter with the raccoons.

“There’s literally two raccoons in my bedroom right now,” Monger says as the raccoons look for a way to escape.

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In the video, the raccoons look just as scared and confused as Monger sounds. Eventually, one of the raccoons manages to escape through an open window, but the second raccoon “doesn’t know how to get down,” which prompts Monger to ask: “Should I help it?”

“I wanna go grab it,” she adds. “Should I grab it? Oh my god.”

Thankfully Monger does not grab the raccoon in the video. According to the Humane Society, raccoons are considered one of the primary carriers of rabies in the United States, so it’s best to stay away from these creatures, even if they are absolutely adorable.

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Though Monger was more concerned for the raccoons than her own health, many commenters noted that they would have “left that house” had they walked into a similar situation.

“How are you so calm I would have start[ed] squaring up with a broom,” one person said.

“How are you not screaming?!” another user added.

“Why am I more scared than her,” a third person asked.

“Be careful,” another concerned user warned.

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