Wild elephant shocks guides-in-training on safari with majestic greeting: ‘Every single emotion in one moment’

These wildlife adventure guides-in-training came head-to-head with a wild elephant while on a safari, and it’s truly majestic.

Wildly Africa (@wildlyafrica) is a wildlife and adventure tour company whose TikTok account features clips of animals the tours encounter on African safaris. Recently, the organization shared a video of tour guides-in-training coming face-to-face with an elephant, and as one viewer put it, it was “every single emotion in one moment.”

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The clip opens with a shot from inside the safari vehicle. The camera focuses in the direction of a stunning natural landscape to reveal an elephant slowly approaching the vehicle.

Despite its massive size, the wild animal carries itself with peaceful tranquility combined with playful curiosity. Once the elephant reaches the safari truck, it pauses for a moment to survey the group of humans.

“Hey there, boy,” someone says, before the elephant turns its head and reaches its trunk out to examine one of the passengers. The junior guide stiffens their body as the elephant’s trunk gets up close and personal.

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While the rookie tour guide is right to be cautious around an animal of such enormous size and weight, the elephant is gentle and curiously sniffs around before redirecting its attention to the person seated in the vehicle’s passenger seat.

The elephant continues to investigate the man genially, while the man, seemingly perturbed by the smell coming from its trunk, leans back and turns his head away.

A few of the other passengers giggle and take photos of the extraordinary sight before the elephant loses interest and goes about its merry way off into the natural paradise.

Viewers all over TikTok were awestruck by the incredible footage.

“He’s like, ‘You may live,’” one user joked.

“That’s like Jurassic Park, but they’re actual living beings,” remarked one TikToker.

“I feel like elephants know how strong they are and are purposely extremely gentle with humans,” one viewer noted.

One thing is for sure, that elephant gave those soon-to-be tour guides some excellent training.

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