Wild Animals' Gentle Reactions to Meeting a Toddler Are Giving 'Disney' Vibes

People can't get over how sweet they were.

If you ask us, we think we might just have seen a 'Disney' princess in the making. She has the cutest laugh, the gentlest touch, and the sweetest personality. No wonder the animals from @juniperfoxx's family love her!

This adorable encounter happened when Juniper the fox's rescuer/mom felt ready to introduce her friend's toddler daughter to some rescued wildlife friends. She only met a few of the gentlest critters, and it couldn't have gone better!

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Aww! We're not sure who's cuter in this video--the little girl or her new animal friends. They're all so gentle and kind to one another, and it's simply heartwarming to see. Just ask the viewers!

"She’s so perfectly gentle with them in return," said @tootmetoota. "How precious is that?" It's like a scene straight out of a fairy tale! This toddler couldn't be happier to meet her new furry friends, and that joy is contagious.

@Themerrymeri agreed, writing, "she is so confident yet respectful with the animals! This video is just pure happiness." Exactly! We wonder if this little one has any idea just how many people have smiled because of her sweetness. Whenever she's old enough to watch the video and read the loving comments, we know it will mean so much to her. For now, though, the rest of us are absolutely obsessed.

"What in the Pixar movie is this?" asked @wyverns.and.wildflowers. LOL! That's precisely what we're saying, though--this scene is downright cinematic. It would make an amazing storybook or movie, but we're sure this is just the beginning of some beautiful friendships. We can't wait to see what comes next!

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