Wife's shopping list for 'incompetent' husband ignites debate on TikTok

Husband and wife Adam and Melinda share funny videos about their marriage on their joint TikTok account, @adamxmelinda. When Melinda posted a clip about the unconventional shopping list she made for her husband, it caused quite a stir. While some didn't take it too seriously, others felt she was coddling her husband and blamed sexism for it. In the video, Melinda printed out small photos of the items she wanted Adam to buy at the grocery store. She perfectly cut out photos of items like Allegra, Cheerios and Listerine, and then she pasted them onto the list. Then user @notwildin summed up how many felt about Melinda's "joke" in a stitch of the TikTok. He called Adam's behavior "weaponized incompetence" . "What this husband is doing is exaggerating their own incompetence to force the labor that they don't want to do onto their partner," he explained. The idea here is to convince the wife that her husband is so incompetent that doing the task herself would just be easier. TikTokers agreed with @notwildin's commentary, which scored over 4.4 million views