Wife's Response to Seeing 'Ducks' in the Back Yard Is Going Viral

She had no clue what was going on.

TikTok user @thecordlefamily got us feeling like a giddy kid again with their viral video of over 10.6 million views. He was filming his wife's reaction to seeing animals in the backyard. And we feel like a kid again just because of her excitement. 

The real question is, what are those animals called? She kept calling them ducks. We can't help but laugh because we know for certain those are not ducks. LOL! See if you can identify these animals! 

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Haha, aww! We love how she was SO excited about these ducks. Her energy was even getting us excited to see the ducks and then when the camera showed us, we were a little confused. Definitely not ducks. LMAO! 

"Cowbirds? Lol. Both you guys crack me up," said @user988429765573. HA! Now they're both throwing us off. "What in the heck are cow birds? I ain't never heard of 'em," commented @iminaconstantstateoffear. SAME! We honestly thought he was joking in the video when he said cow birds. But @treasa.liz07 informed the TikTok world, "Yes, cow birds or more commonly known as egrets. Gosh she is so cute!!!" Well, that explains it! Maybe you heard the term cattle egrets as they're also referred as. 

Another TikTok user, @kaykrochets, wrote, "'They have an orange quacker.' This entire video is adorable." Retweet! No wonder the video has so many views. She's cracking us up with the words she uses. And you best believe we're going to start calling beaks oranger quackers now. LOL! 


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