Wife records hubby’s highly detailed plan for driving to the airport

This wife recorded her husband explaining his over-the-top itinerary for getting to the airport before a flight, and TikTokers found it so relatable!

Jen Markham (@jenmarkham) is a TikToker whose husband, Jeremy, is so serious about getting places on time that he creates step-by-step itineraries to ensure his punctuality! In a recent video, Jen recorded Jeremy explaining his itinerary for an upcoming trip to the airport, and it was hilariously detailed.

The video begins with Jeremy sitting at the couple’s kitchen counter, working on his airport itinerary. “Jeremy makes the morning go-to-the-airport schedule,” Jen writes in a caption.

“Hey what are you doing?” Jen asks as she approaches her husband.

“I gotta figure out what time we need to go,” he replies. Then, he launches into an explanation of his detailed to-do list.

“I start with the time that the flight is departing,” he begins, writing down the departure time in bright red ink.

“The actual boarding begins at 7:40,” he continues, writing down and labeling the boarding time.

The detail-oriented husband goes on to explain that his goal is to make it through security an hour before his departure. “Let’s say I want to be on the gate side by 7 a.m.,” he says. “So we want to get there by 6:30 maybe.”

Next, he calculates the time it takes to get to the airport and adds that number to his itinerary. The meticulous husband even budgets time for looking for a taxi.

From there, the calculations get even more complicated. Jeremy begins calculating the time it will take for him to wake up and get ready in the morning. “I need juice,” he says. “I gotta think about the juice. I gotta have a banana. I gotta walk around a little bit.”

Once his itinerary is written, Jeremy takes things one step further. He grabs a blue highlighter and begins highlighting all of the important information, including the time he needs to wake up and the time he needs to leave his home.

“Have you ever missed a flight?” Jen asks her husband.

“Never,” he replies proudly. “So I feel good about this.”

Despite the over-the-top nature of the itinerary, many TikTokers said they could relate to the practice.

“Every timed event in my life includes this type of planning backwards from arrival,” one viewer wrote.

“I do this in my head every day,” concurred another TikToker.

“I am Jeremy. Jeremy is me,” wrote another viewer.

What do you think of Jeremy’s detailed itinerary?

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