Why Yes, a Taco Tour Through Mexico City is Just as Delicious as it Sounds

sofitel mexico city pool
This is Your Sign to Book a Taco Tour, ASAPSofitel Reforma Mexico City

In the mood for a vacation that goes beyond the beach? A destination with arts, culture, and history, you say? Oh, and one with a first-class food scene? Look no further. Mexico City checks all the requisite travel boxes, thanks to the fact that it’s a longstanding haven for artists, eaters, and historians alike. TBH, the location has been on my own personal Must-Visit List for quite some time (three years, to be exact), so when I got the opportunity to visit, I couldn’t pack my bags fast enough. I visited in October—an amazing time to visit, btw, since the country was in full celebration mode leading up to Día de Muertos.

(Full transparency: This trip was paid for in exchange for an honest review. Also many thanks to August Twenty Eight and Sofitel City Reforma for hosting me!)


  • Sofitel Mexico City Reforma is a breath of fresh air from the bustling streets of Mexico City. Nestled next to the city’s Juárez neighborhood, the hotel overlooks the nearby Angel of Independence (one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks). The staff was so warm and friendly and I was greeted with a small cup of cold hot chocolate (an oxymoron, yes, but delicious and so refreshing!) and the check-in process took all but three minutes. Upon entering my room, I was even gifted my own beautifully painted Alebrije (Mexican folk sculptures that depict various spirit guides).

  • Balta: This is *the* place for early-risers, since their breakfast is a mashup of Mexican and French breakfast cuisine. The menu ranges from huevos rancheros to croque-monsieurs, but if you want ~options~ then the buffet is the way to go.

Khadija Horton

  • Bajel: The chef here is OTT talented, and every dish I dug into was both a work of art and and an experience to eat. Sofitel collabs with some of the world's most renowned chefs, making the rotating menu a can't-miss.

  • Cityzen: Located on the 38th floor of Sofitel, Cityzen is a solid spot for cocktails, tapas, and music. It has—you guessed it—another dope view of the city center (probably the best one, IMHO).

sofitel city reforma suite
Sofitel City Reforma


  • Sofitel Spa: Situated at the tippy-top of the hotel, this spa truly has it all. Hot *and* cold pool? Steam room? Sauna? Check, check, and check. While I was there, I was treated to an Urban Detox facial which I only half remember because I fell asleep for most of it. Yeah. That's how relaxed I was. The spa partners with L'Occtaine which I know you know smells like a dream.

sofitel spa pools
Sofitel Mexico City Reforma
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Sofitel Mexico City Reforma
  • Sofitel Spa & Pool: The Sofitel spa truly has it all. Steam room? Check. Sauna? Check. Both hot and cold plunge pool options? Check and—you guessed it—check. Situated at the tippy top of the hotel, the spa provides plenty of space to unwind high above the city. I booked an Urban Detox facial only to fall asleep halfway through the treatment, in case you need an idea of just how relaxed I was.

Sofitel Mexico City Reforma
  • Soumaya Museum: Once I ditched my spa robe and felt awake enough to take in some sights, I immediately hit up the Soumaya Museum. The museum’s exterior is a work of art itself, and admission is free year-round. Much like the Guggenheim, the Soumaya design includes *plenty* of stairs, so if you're a devoted 12-3-30 girl like moi, you can totally count this as your daily workout. The Diego Rivera mosaics are a must-see, and don’t skip the Rodin sculptures (the Soumaya boasts the largest Rodin collection outside of France, JIC that’s ever a Jeopardy! question).

  • Casa Azul Frida Kahlo: Speaking of Diego, it’s worth visiting the vibrant blue home he shared with Frida Kahlo. Tickets are unfortunately not free, and they book up well in advance, so a guided tour is most-definitely not a spur-of-the-moment activity. The guided tour is roughly 45 minutes and costs about $13 dollars and around a dollar extra if you go on the weekend. It's also important to note there is an extra cost of 30 pesos (roughly $1.62) to obtain a permit if you would like to take pictures.


  • Two words: Taco. Tour. Condesa and Roma are two beautiful bohemian neighborhoods where street food is the focus, and while it’s not an ~official~ rule that you need to hit up five different taco spots during your stay in MC, I did it because I was on vacation and no one was there to stop me. Here are five taco hot spots well worth the wait:

  1. El Tizoncito: The Al Pastor taco was created here, so you know you’re in for some quality eats. Watch as your taco meat is cut right from the spit and topped with chunks of pineapple, onion, and cilantro.

  2. Tacos Don Juan: Stop in here for lunch and you can order two al pastor tacos and a soda for less than 100 pesos. Filled with chunks of delicious pork, these tacos only need a pinch of salt and squeeze of lime. Chase it all down with an ice-cold Mexican Coke while you’re at it.

  3. Tacos Hola El Guero: Another solid spot. I had the Chicken Tinga taco piled with shredded, slow-cooked chicken and loaded with beans, guac, and spicy salsa verde. Double up on your napkins before dining al fresco.

  4. El Pujol: These are *so* not your average tacos. The soft shell is actually a thick leaf sacred to Mesoamerican culture called hoja santa. I'd wash this one down with some Atole—a traditional bev made from creamy corn milk (think of it like the best bits found at the bottom of your cereal bowl).

  5. El Pescadito: If you couldn’t tell by the name, this is *the* place to go for top-notch seafood tacos. Order the marlitun tacos, which are topped with rich smoked tuna and slaw. The restaurant is spacious with both indoor and outdoor seating, and a central salsa and topping bar for you to dress your dinner up as you like it.

  • Colmillo: This may sound dramatic, but I'm pretty sure this is one of the most delicious meals I've ever had. The atmosphere of this place is absolutely incredible. The vibe: sleek, bold and artsy. Every single dish that was brought out had a bold and often pyrotechnic presentation. My spicy marg came in a massive golden owl pitcher and our dessert was a wedding cake topped with bride and groom figurines and sparklers. Need some dinner inspo? Order the octopus and the ribeye black angus. *insert mouth-watering emoji here*

  • Migrante: Now this place is chic. Chef Fernando Martinez serves up raw scallops with green apple kombucha, and aged duck breast with purple carrots and fermented berries, just to name a few standout dishes.

  • Contramar: Contramar is beloved by tourists, yes, but it’s also a fan-favorite for locals who claim it's the best seafood Mexico City has to offer. The lunch rush is real here, so get there early and be prepared to wait for your fresh ceviche and octopus tostada. Don't sleep on the dessert menu either—order the fig tart and the strawberry meringue and thank me later.

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