Why Women Over 50 Who Skip Moisturizer Reportedly ‘See A Difference In Weeks’


Beautiful skin doesn’t begin and end in your twenties or thirties. With a solid skincare routine and a few thoughtful products, there’s absolutely no reason why your complexion can’t emit a super-healthy glow at any age. But here’s the thing: you can skip certain products here and there (toner, I’m looking at you), but there’s one must-have product that you should never throw to the curb: moisturizer. This is why women over 50 who skip moisturizer reportedly see a difference in weeks. 

Don’t Skip Moisturizer 

If you’re looking for ways to minimize your skincare routine this year, here’s one step you shouldn’t throw out: moisturizer. Moisturizer is the most important skincare step for women over 50, according to Dr. Alberto de la Fuente Garcia, a board-certified dermatologist at VIDA Wellness and Beauty with over 15 years of experience.

“As we age, our skin’s ability to retain moisture decreases, making it essential to use a good moisturizer daily,” de la Fuente Garcia said. “Look for a product that contains hyaluronic acid and ceramides — both of which help keep skin hydrated and looking younger. Be sure to apply your moisturizer in the morning and at night for the best results.”

Additionally, if you’re exposed to harsh  weather conditions, like cold and dry air or direct sun exposure, de la Fuente Garcia recommends making sure to apply a moisturizer with SPF protection throughout the day.

Another Important Step: Retinol

Aside from wearing sunscreen daily, retinoids are the one product that can really make a difference in the appearance as well as overall health of skin, according to Dr. Arash Akhavan, MD, FAAD, and owner of The Dermatology and Laser Group in Manhattan, NY.

“Using retinoids — either over the counter retinol or prescription products that contain tretinoin — is the most important step in any anti-aging routine as it increases cell turnover and supports collagen production preventing the worsening of fine lines and even potentially reversing them,” Dr. Akhavan said. “The best way to include it in your routine is to apply it right after washing your face at night followed by a hydrating moisturizer.”

de la Fuente Garcia also says that, in addition to moisturizer, retinol can help stimulate collagen production and exfoliate dead skin cells for a smoother, more youthful complexion. “Just be sure to start with a low-concentration product as higher concentrations can cause skin irritation,” de la Fuente Garcia said. “And remember to use these types of products at night, as retinol can make skin more sensitive to sunlight. With regular use, you should begin to see visible results after a couple of weeks.”