Why are TikTokers hearing Kendrick Lamar’s therapist in their head?: ‘I think of them every single day’

TikTokers are having distinct moments of reflection and hearing a surprising voice in their head when it happens — Kendrick Lamar’s therapist.

The voice isn’t Lamar’s actual therapist, but rather British actor Helen Mirren’s. In Lamar’s “Count Me Out” video, Mirren portrays Lamar’s therapist. In the music video, she calls his name to grab Lamar’s attention.

User @..lilsaffy posted the original video in this trend, which was back in January. He combined Mirren’s voice with a slowed-down version of “Zelda’s Lullaby” by A L E X.

That simple line, with the background music, is now the voice users hear in their minds when hidden thoughts come to the surface.

“Me thinking about how somebody I didn’t even know existed this time last year is now such a core part of my life,” wrote @lifeastrey in his post.

He wasn’t the only one who had someone on their mind, as several of the thousands of comments were able to relate.

“I think of them every single day. Every hour my head is filled with them,” said @3mr4.69.

There’s also a subsection of TikTokers that retreat into their mind when thinking about the future rather than the past.

“Me tryna think what imma do after high school,” said @nokaprj.

While some people’s thoughts are deep and introspective, some users are stuck in their own world because of their favorite lyrics.

“When someone calls your name but drake jus said ‘when a good thing goes bad it’s not the end of the world.. It’s jus the end of a world that you had with one girl,’” said @bluuswrld_.

People on TikTok clearly have a lot on their minds and with the help of Kendrick Lamar and Helen Mirren, they have a place to express what they’re thinking.

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