Stretching Each Day Is the Healthiest Habit You Can Commit to in 2021

Alisa Bowman
·1 min read

It’s okay if you haven’t touched your toes in years. Here’s why (and how!) to get started.

For many of us, the “I should do this more often” list is super stinkin’ long. The trick is to prioritize, and there’s one thing you can do that’ll check multiple goals off your list all at once. Stretching—yes, the simple bending and reaching motions from your gym class days—not only helps you limber up for movement but it also can help ease an achy back, undo the stress of the day, and even improve your sleep. Better yet, anyone can get these benefits, whether you’re a regular stretcher or haven’t touched your toes in years. Here are seven reasons to make stretching the single most important thing you do more often.

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