Here’s Why Prince Andrew Wasn’t Wearing His Military Uniform to the Queen’s Funeral

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On the day of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, many people who spectated the event are asking: Why isn’t Prince Andrew wearing his uniform? 

Prince Andrew is Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s third child and second son. During the funeral and several ceremonies in honor of Her Majesty, Prince Andrew was seen in a black suit, in contrast to his siblings, who were all wearing their military uniforms. There were some exceptions to why Prince Andrew was wearing his military outfit at some events such as the Princes Vigil. However, during the Queen’s coffin procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall and during her actual funeral, he wore his black suit with his medals attached to his pocket.

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Read down below to why Prince Andrew wasn’t wearing his military uniform.

Why did Prince Andrew not wear his military uniform at the Queen’s funeral?

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Image: Getty Images
Image: Getty Images

Prince Andrew was not wearing his military uniform for the Queen’s funeral because he was stripped of his title in 2022 due to his connection to sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Because he, along with Prince Harry are not working members of the Royal Family, they were not allowed to wear their uniforms for the coffin procession and the funeral. However, Andrew and Harry were permitted to wear their uniforms as a “special mark of respect for the Queen at the final vigil,” according to King Charles. The Prince’s vigil took place on Friday, September 17, 2022.

Andrew’s royal titles were stripped in 2022 due to his connection with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. He has faced mounting scrutiny in recent years due to his alleged relationship with Epstein, and accusations by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a victim of Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. Giuffre claims she was sexually assaulted multiple times by Prince Andrew in London and on a private Caribbean island owned by Epstein, who died in prison in August 2019. Renewed interest in these allegations was sparked after Giuffre filed a lawsuit against Andrew in the state of New York, which he settled out of court. In an interview with the BBC in November 2019, Andrew said he “regretted” his connection to Epstein but had no memory of ever meeting Giuffre. “I have no recollection of ever meeting this lady, none whatsoever,” he said and has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. He stepped back from royal life shortly after the BBC interview aired.

Buckingham Palace released a statement announcing the Queen’s decision. “With The Queen’s approval and agreement, The Duke of York’s military affiliations and Royal patronages have been returned to The Queen. The Duke of York will continue not to undertake any public duties and is defending this case as a private citizen,” the announcement read at the time. King Charles III served with the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force for six years, and Prince William served for more than seven years as a search and rescue pilot. However, the two never served during a war.

Among the people who served in the military in the Royal Family, Harry and Andrew are the only two Royals who served in an active war. Harry completed two tours of Afghanistan, achieved the rank of captain in 2011, and qualified as an Apache Aircraft commander. He was known in the military as Captain Harry Wales and retired from the Army in 2015. Andrew served in the navy for 22 years as a helicopter pilot and instructor and then as a commander of the naval ship HMS Cottesmore, and he took part in the Falklands War.

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Image: Courtesy of Random House.

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