’We need an American Girl Doll who…’: Social media’s new favorite meme is all about inventing elaborate backstories for dolls

The American Girl doll meme is taking the internet by storm, and it is absolutely unhinged.

The American Girl doll memes started on Instagram through the meme account @hellicity_merriman. As @hellicity_merriman’s account name comes from the brand’s Felicity doll, the account challenged followers to create pitches for new American Girl dolls with unique and ironic backstories. The results were hilarious.

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Some of the results include:

  • “An American Girl doll who is responsible for blocking the Suez Canal.”

  • “An American Girl doll who is an MLM #BossBabe.”

  • “An American Girl doll who is clinically addicted to Candy Crush.”

What are American Girl dolls?

According to its website, American Girl is a toy company that sells 18-inch dolls that “portray eight- to fourteen-year-old boys and girls of a variety of ethnicities, faiths, and social classes from different periods throughout history.” Each doll has a book describing its backstory; some dolls even have film adaptations.

The company is well known for its “Historical Characters” line of dolls, which feature dolls themed around key moments of American history. For example, Felicity (as mentioned above) represents the pre-Revolutionary war era. Other eras represented by American Girl dolls include the Great Depression, the 1970s feminist movement, and the World War II era.

American Girl is also famous for its “Truly Me” line, allowing children to buy a doll that looks similar to them. The line is very inclusive as it offers dolls with various skin tones and hairstyles, as well as accessories to let kids customize their dolls as much as possible.

Where does the American Girl doll meme come from?

Since American Girl dolls are known to have super specific backstories, Gen Z and Millennials are making light of their childhood memories through their out-of-the-box pitches for new dolls.

The meme shows people pitching ideas for American Girl dolls with more authentic (and awkward) coming-of-age experiences.

This TikTok posted by user @juiceinaboxx shares a few niche examples of American Girl dolls that may be more relatable to the company’s former target audience, who are now all grown up.

“We need an American Girl doll who reads fanfiction until 4 a.m. every night at the detriment of her sleep schedule,” @juiceinaboxx read.

“TIL [today I learned] that I’m the American Girl Doll we need,” a TikToker commented.

“Finally, a relatable doll,” another said.

Others took to Twitter to share their ideas for a new American Girl doll.

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