Why do people keep saying ‘me as a baby’ on TikTok?

The “me as a baby” meme is the wholesome chaos missing from your life right now.

Memes always have a tinge of irony or meta-commentary to them. But TikTok’s “me as a baby” is really one of those “if you know, you know” situations. But the laughs (and yes, confusion) make this very specific inside joke worth the investment.

Who is Mestre Ensinador?

Mestre Ensinador is the name of a small, flying puppet. The character’s TikTok page currently has over 877,000 followers. Every video on the channel features Mestre Ensinador, who wears a white cloak with a green pointed hat, doing surreal and strange dances.

The puppet is believed to be based in Brazil. The name “Mestre Ensinador” translates to “Master Teacher” in Portuguese.

What is the “me as a baby” TikTok meme?

Whether or not the puppet was internet famous beforehand, a viral Mestre Ensinador video sparked the “me as a baby” meme.

TikToker @iz.khalifa tried to convince her little brother a Mestre Ensinador clip was footage of him as a baby.

“You remember that when you were a baby?” she asked her brother, to which he replied, “Yeah.”

This has prompted other TikTokers, like @queen.isabellav, to duet the same clip as though it were someone they knew as a baby.

But of course, some took things to the next level, like @mitsy270, by dressing up as Mestre Ensinador and dancing around.

When another user baked a Mestre Ensinador cake, @madslamby told her little sister it was a cake of “you when you were little.”

“I designed you as a baby,” @whynotbuildit said as they 3D-printed a real-life model of Mestre Ensinador.

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