Why Julianna Marguiles Wears a Wig on The Good Wife

By Petra Guglielmetti 

I just learned something truly shocking—did you know that Julianna Margulies wears a wig for her role as Alicia Florrick on The Good Wife?

On The Late Show With David Letterman, the naturally curly haired actress revealed that she wears the wig in order to save herself endless hours in the styling chair (not to mention spare her some serious heat-styling damage). “They wanted [Alicia] to look very coiffed and have straight hair. I thought, Oh my God, 22 episodes a year, 14 hours a day, and if the weather changes my hair starts growing like a Chia Pet, depending on the humidity. And I had just had my baby…and I wanted that extra hour it would take each day to blow-dry my hair straight to have with my child. It takes 10 minutes to put that wig on.”

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The wig was the solution, and there’s a reason it looks so utterly believable: Not only is it made from real human hair, it was custom-designed around her exact hairline, which has a slight widow’s peak. The price tag for a wig like this? Oh, a mere $10,000.

And she went on to explain that it’s not even like there’s just one wig. “Because we do a lot of flashbacks, now I have all the wigs—we get a new wig every season. You have to freshen it up, and [Alicia] has different haircuts sometimes too. So they’ll keep the old wigs so we can do flashbacks [without restyling hair], and it has saved them more money than [they spent] to make the wigs!”

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This is all so crazy to me. I need time to process—and clearly I’m going to be staring at Alicia’s hairline the next time I watch The Good Wife!

Did any of you know Alicia Florrick’s hair was a wig? Are you totally floored by its price tag?

Photo: CBS

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