Why the Internet is Rallying Behind 'Saw' Actor Tobin Bell

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Tobin Bell

Despite his character's often gnarly appearance and oftentimes horrifying mindset, the internet is rallying behind Saw star Tobin Bell after discovering how he was treated on the set of the infamous horror series' inaugural film.

He may very convincingly portray a vigilante murderer, but folks are itching to eat lunch with him now that they know he was forced to do so alone day after day of lying face down on the floor. 

In a behind-the-scenes video that was uploaded to the official Saw Twitter account on Aug. 22. the Jigsaw actor reflected on his role in the first film, where his character seems to be nothing more than a corpse on the filthy bathroom floor covered in fake blood, appearing to have shot himself in the head.

In the video, he reveals that he was pretty solitary throughout the production of the 2004 horror flick, even eating alone each day because the rest of the cast and crew were uncomfortable with how gruesome he looked.

"No one wanted to have lunch with me," he recalled in the clip. "On any day, I would sit down—I was so ugly looking, covered with blood—so I would eat alone in my dressing room." He turned back to look at the stain left behind on the floor where he'd lay, appearing a bit downtrodden, before continuing with his mini tour of the bathroom set.

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When a fan retweeted the video on Oct. 12, specifically calling that fact out, it drew the sympathies of many in a way that did not catch on with the original post.

"I was not at all excited about the new movie but now I wanna support him so bad," one wrote in response.

"I tear up every time I recall this video," another replied, going on to reference another behind-the-scenes video that delved into the grueling role. "imagine lying on the cold floor for hours and hours for DAYS, getting stepped on by camera crew and being ignored between takes too I wouldn't leave Tobin's side if I were them."

"I would’ve ate lunch with him!!!" someone else asserted alongside a meme-style drawing of someone crying hysterically.

"this information has single handedly ruined my day this man deserves the WORLD," another admitted.

"*time machines are invented* I go back in time and get a job on the set of the first saw as apart [sic] of the tech crew I find Tobin eating by himself and I eat with him," someone else manifested.

It might be a little weird, but honestly, we're going to toss out an invitation, too!

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