Why The Internet Is Obsessed With This Mysterious Pink Sauce

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Photo credit: Sarah Ceniceros
Photo credit: Sarah Ceniceros

TikTok has introduced us to many food trends. There was the famous feta pasta and, more recently, healthy Coke, which we're still on the fence about. And now everyone's talking about the viral Barbie-pink condiment Pink Sauce. What exactly is Pink Sauce? Well, that's the million-dollar question that has had the internet abuzz this week.

Created by TikTok creator Chef Pii, Pink Sauce costs $20 per bottle. It seems to have gone viral because of the mysteries surrounding it, and as Pink Sauce became more popular, more questions surfaced. Users questioned what ingredients were used to make it and why its color appeared to be different in various social media videos. Chef Pii attributed the different colors to lighting.

Alas, in late June, an ingredients list for Pink Sauce was shared by Chef Pii, and it was surprisingly straightforward. According to the self-proclaimed sauce queen, Pink Sauce is made with dragon fruit, sunflower seed oil, honey, chili, and garlic.

After the saucy reveal, Chef Pii was met with another burning question: Just what exactly is going on with the sauce's nutrition label? The TikToker @seansvv discovered that there aren't enough preservatives to make the sauce shelf stable. And another internet sleuth pointed out that the nutrition info on the label says the bottle contains 444 servings, which would make 28 cups of sauce. Additionally, the ingredients list on the label includes milk, which should be refrigerated.

Yesterday, July 20, Chef Pii offered her apologies for the incorrect nutrition info and said that the labels are being replaced. She also added that Pink Sauce is currently in lab testing and could hit store shelves once the testing is complete.

"The grams got mixed up with the serving size...It was a mistake. We fixed the issue," she explained. "You guys will not be receiving Pink Sauce bottles with the bad label. We are replacing all of the labels...This is a small business that is just moving really, really fast to get the price marked down on the Pink Sauce...We are following FDA standards. However, we are currently in lab testing. Once we go through lab testing, we will be able to pitch to stores."

Although Chef Pii was initially hesitant to share the ingredients list for Pink Sauce, Twitter provided wasted no time in producing hilarious memes about the once mysterious sauce.

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