Why Fans Are Calling Out Kevin Costner After His Golden Globes Appearance

Why Fans Are Calling Out Kevin Costner After His Golden Globes Appearance
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Kevin Costner and America Ferrera's presenter speech at the Golden Globes last night is causing a stir online. The unlikely combo took the stage to present the award for Best Female Actor in a Television Series: Musical or Comedy. Of course, before announcing the winner (Ayo Edebiri from The Bear) the pair nodded to each other's iconic cinematic moments.

Ferrera started off the compliment chain, nodding to Costner's role in The Bodyguard. "When you say, 'Goodbye, Rachel.' And then she leaves and then you run to each other and then... chills," Ferrera said. As we all know, Ferrera had a big moment this year with her viral monologue from Barbie, which was nominated for 9 awards at the Golden Globes. "You know, you have a scene that I really love. I think a lot of people really love that scene," Costner began before diving into Ferrera's monologue.

"You know, 'It’s literally impossible to be a woman.' You know that, 'You're so beautiful. You're so smart and it kills me that you don't think you're good enough.' That was pretty good," he continued. If you've seen Barbie you know, this is Ferrera's iconic monologue, word for word.

"Did you, Kevin Costner, memorize my monologue about womanhood from Barbie?," America replied. Costner admitted he had not, in fact, memorized the monologue. "But it's an important message, and it always serves to remind me what's possible in films. It just reminds me that when we take our time, when we manage to get it right, when film is working at its very best, it can be about moments you never ever forget," Costner responded, holding back laughter.

"Wow. So you're not going to do the rest of my monologue right now on national television?" Ferrera quipped before announcing the winner.

Although, the actors weren't coming up with this dialogue off the cuff (that's the Golden Globes writers' job), the delivery is what had fans going wild. "I was laughing so hard with Kevin Costner trying to stay serious…also, aging well! Yay America," "Bwhahahaha he so had the giggles," and “He worked as much on that segment as he did on his english accent in Robin Hood” fans commented.

“Lmao he’s trying so hard to stay serious 😂," another chimed in. Though some fans did not see this speech (or the entirety of the Golden Globes honestly) as a slam dunk. "This was weird and awkward” and “are the GG writers still in strike? because some of the jokes fell really flat and awkward tonight” critics commented.

Whether you find this Golden Globes moment funny or just plain weird, there's no denying that Costner and Ferrera's moment on stage has everyone talking.

See what else everyone is talking about from the 81st annual Golden Globes:

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