Why is everyone leaving this celebrity manager? Here’s who ditched him, and here’s who’s left

Scooter Braun; Ariana Grande Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live Nation
Scooter Braun; Ariana Grande Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live Nation

Big changes are happening in the music industry, all thanks to one celebrity manager who may have some beef with a few of his high-profile clients. We're talking about Scooter Braun, whose name continues to pop up in recent reports and across social media.

Some may know Braun in association with pop star Taylor Swift. Others may know him in connection to Schoolboy Records, the major record label that enjoyed successes with Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" along with Psy's hit "Gangnam Style." And a few may even know him for his eponymous entertainment and media company, Scooter Braun Projects, better known as SB Projects. The 42-year-old music exec and entrepreneur launched his company in 2007, after dropping out of college and working as an executive director of marketing for producer Jermaine Dupri's record label So So Def.

Braun's early successes in the entertainment industry — which include brokering Ludacris and Pontiac in a $12 million deal campaign — contributed to the overall success of his profitable talent management business. Many of his clients hold the same level of prestige that his company boasts. But now, it seems like Braun is losing those clients just as quickly as he attained them.

There's currently very little information as to why some celebrities are parting ways with Braun. The drama is also pretty unclear as some sources claim one reason and others say the opposite, thus creating a murky narrative. At this time, a source told NBC News that Braun is cutting a few ties to focus on his new role as CEO of Hybe America. The recent splits are all supposedly amicable in nature, and those who say otherwise are "spreading rumors," they added.

"All of Scooter Braun's clients are under contract, and negotiations have been going on for several months as Scooter steps into his larger role as Hybe America CEO," the source shared. "People are spreading rumors based on what they know but they are off."

The recent events are being called a mass exodus from Braun's company. And many Netizens suspect there's something more shady happening, especially as reports of additional clients leaving Braun's management stable are on the horizon.

Here's a closer look at who ditched Braun so far, and who is still under his management:

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