Why Dogs Are Better Than Kids

Why Dogs Are Better Than Kids
Why Dogs Are Better Than Kids
young woman kissing her dog why dogs are better than kids
young woman kissing her dog why dogs are better than kids

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As Mother’s Day approaches, many women will be partaking in celebrations with their human children. But we here at DogTime don’t want child-free dog moms to get left out of the festivities. After all, providing a loving, happy home for a fur baby is an important job in the grand scheme of things, too. While we would never claim that one species is superior to another, we also know a dog mom (or two, or 10) who would swear that dogs are actually better than kids. Therefore, we’re going to indulge this line of thought so that pet parents feel affirmed in their decision to have furry families rather than traditional nuclear ones. Without further ado, here are 10 reasons dogs are better than kids.

Reasons why dogs are better than kids

young woman hugging dog
young woman hugging dog

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1. You don’t have to give birth to a dog.

Or breastfeed them for that matter!

2. You can leave your dogs home alone.

And the house will still be standing when you return!

3. Dogs never outgrow cuddling.

A dog will never say, “Eww, Mom!” and slither away from your embrace.

4. Dogs don’t complain.

From food options to weekend plans, your dog is down for whatever you’re dishing up.

5. Dogs are cleaner than kids.

Kids make messes; dogs lick them up.

6. Dogs don’t require daily baths.

You have better things to do than supervise bathtime.

7. Dogs don’t need diapers.

Well, most of them don’t.

8. Dogs won’t turn on you when they become teenagers.

In fact, they’ll only grow to love you more as time goes by.

9. Dogs keep your secrets.

What’s said in a dog’s presence stays in a dog’s presence.

10. Dogs are less expensive than kids.

Fido will never ask you to co-sign on six-figure college debt.

Hey, who says you have to choose between dogs and kids?

Not us! In fact, if you’re looking for dog breed suggestions for your human family, check out our guide to the most kid-friendly dog breeds as well as the best dog breeds for kids with autism!

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