Why Does Everyone Love Tom Brady So Much?

Football and 80 for Brady star Tom Brady is loved by many — what's his deal?

What would prompt four women in their 80s to hit the road and do anything—from eating spicy wings to posing as backup dancers—to get into the Super Bowl?

A chance to see the legendary quarterback Tom Brady. The plot is the basis for the upcoming comedy flick 80 for Brady starring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Rita Moreno, Sally Field and the seven-time Super Bowl champion Brady himself, out Feb. 3. And it's inspired by a real-life story of four women.

Even if you just watched Super Bowl LI, the Big Game the four ladies are attempting to score tickets to, for the commercials, it's likely you know who Tom Brady is. He's appeared in high-profile ads, including for UGG, and was married to Gisele until last year. But you may not...understand his appeal. Ditto if you're a Jets fan (or an Atlanta Falcons enthusiast still reeling from the 28-3 lead the team blew, handing Brady his fifth Super Bowl ring). Allow us to explain why legions love Tom Brady.

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Why do players love Tom Brady?

Brady's longevity, success and humility have earned him a winning reputation in the NFL. Former teammates, opponents and retired players-turned-commentators gush about Tom Brady more than Jane Fonda, a legend in her own right, did in an interview with PEOPLE. ("My knees actually got weak," Fonda said of meeting Tom.)

"Just the way he prepares. His work ethic, the way he's just still going at his age," said retired tight end Rob Gronkowski, who Brady lured to the Bucs after the two had a successful run in New England, in 2018. Brady also lured Gronk onto the big screen— he makes a cameo in 80 for Brady.

"To produce what he has produced, and to play at the level he has played at, is incredible. All of us living should understand how blessed we are to be in this moment while he’s doing what he’s doing," former Cowboy Michael Irvin said on the Dan Patrick Show in 2018.

Former New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees also penned an ode to his one-time nemesis on Instagram when Brady topped him for the NFL's all-time yardage list.

"Some may be surprised [at] what you are doing at age 44, but I am not. Your commitment and dedication to this game, your team, and to being the very best, are second to none," Brees' post read in part.

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Why is Tom Brady so inspiring?

Brady's Patriots were often the favorites to win Super Bowls, but his story has serious underdog origins and serves as an inspiration to people that hard work can pay off. After an unnoteworthy performance in the NFL Combine in 2000, the former University of Michigan player saw six QBs selected before he was picked 199th in the sixth round of the NFL Draft by the Patriots.

Talk about the art of a steal. Brady was the fourth-string quarterback during his rookie year. But the next season, when starter Drew Bledsoe went down, Brady took over and led the Patriots all the way to their first Super Bowl. The rest is the stuff of legends. Brady won five more rings with the Patriots before snagging his seventh with the Tampa Bay Bucs at 43, making him the oldest QB to win a Super Bowl.

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Why is Tom Brady the greatest of all time?

Brady's individual and team success has put his name all over the NFL record books. It would be impossible to list all of the accomplishments Brady has—perhaps none more coveted than his record seven Super Bowl titles.

A few of his accolades and achievements include: Most games won by a player, most Super Bowl MVPs, most Pro Bowl selections, most game-winning drives, most career passing yards and most fourth-quarter comebacks. Brady's most famous comeback was Super Bowl LI, the same Big Game Jane Fonda & Co. are trying to get into in 80 for Brady.

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Why do fans call Tom Brady the GOAT?

GOAT is short for greatest of all time. Brady is widely regarded as the greatest quarterback—and football player—ever for his seven Super Bowls and ownership of a laundry list of individual NFL records.

Does Tom Brady have a high IQ?

It's unclear what Tom Brady's IQ is, but he scored a 33 on the Wonderlic test, an abbreviated IQ test, during the NFL Combine, according to Bleacher Report. It's above the average score of 24 for a quarterback. Brady's decades-long career in the NFL shows that, if nothing else, he has a high game IQ.

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How is Tom Brady a good role model?

Brady's career arch from nearly-undrafted QB to the consensus greatest to ever play the position is inspiring to underdogs around the world. He's also known for his charitable endeavors, recently donating $10,000 to a fundraiser to support Buffalo Bills' safety Damar Hamlin's toy drive. Hamlin had a cardiac arrest on Jan. 2 against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Why is Tom Brady the best NFL player?

No player has won more Super Bowls than Tom Brady, who has seven rings to his name (six with the Patriots, one with the Bucs). Brady's decades-long NFL career has seen him break numerous records, including the NFL's all-time passing yardage mark. He's been named Super Bowl MVP a record five times and has three NFL MVP awards.

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Why is Tom Brady so influential?

Consistent success and greatness on a large stage like the NFL will gain you influence. Brady has also enjoyed crossover superstardom, endorsing brands like Under Armour and UGG and making appearances on Saturday Night Live and Family Guy. He's also served as an executive producer for the documentary about himself, Man in the Arena, and is a producer and star of the new flick 80 for Brady.

Why is Tom Brady the best quarterback ever?

No one has won like Tom Brady. He's the only player ever with more than five Super Bowl wins (he has seven). Brady has been named a Pro Bowler 15 times and boasts five Super Bowl MVPs and three NFL MVPs.He holds the record for most regular-season wins by a player, most all-time passing yards and most completed passes in a career, among numerous others.

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