Why Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's Real Estate Deals Keep Falling Through

<span class="caption">A Look Into Bennifer's Never-Ending Escrows</span><span class="photo-credit">Vittorio Zunino Celotto - Getty Images</span>
A Look Into Bennifer's Never-Ending EscrowsVittorio Zunino Celotto - Getty Images

Even Hollywood's biggest power couples have their set of real-estate woes—just take a look at Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's never-ending escrow obstacles. Over the past few weeks, the duo has reportedly extended offers on a few multi-million dollar mansions—only to drop out of escrow shortly after. If you've been keeping tabs on the Gigli stars' real-estate moves, it's enough to make your head spin.

The good news is that we can explain. We're sharing everything we know about Bennifer's revolving real-estate door, plus theories on why the couple might be struggling to land their dream home.

Where Did Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Live Before?

Since rekindling in 2020, the power couple has wasted no time settling down together. After touring a handful of A-list abodes—including Spelling Manor, the $165 million estate that was home to late television titan Aaron Spelling—the couple decided to hit pause on the search and live in Lopez's Bel Air mansion that she has owned since 2016. Then, the couple wanted to renovate Lopez's digs and reportedly rented James Packer's $60 million home in Beverly Hills during the reno.

While most of the couple's real-estate prospects are in California, they do have property outside of the Golden State. In fact, Affleck owns an 87-acre compound near Savannah, Georgia, which is where he and Lopez hosted their wedding in 2022.

What Do We Know About the Homes They (Almost) Bought?

Affleck and Lopez supposedly had a home base, so how did they get into this revolving door of real-estate deals? By the looks of it, things got complicated when the couple sold their individual properties: Affleck listed the Pacific Palisades pad he's owned since 2018 for $30 million in August 2022, while Lopez put her beloved Bel Air abode on the market for $42.5 million six months later.

A few days after Lopez's home hit the market, reports surfaced that the couple was in escrow for a $34.5 million property in the Pacific Palisades. Decked out with special features such as a screening room, wine cellar, and private gym, the Hamptons-style home seemed like the perfect spot for the couple to put down some roots... until they pulled out of the deal.

Several weeks later, the same thing happened: Lopez and Affleck were ready to sign on another Pacific Palisades mansion—this one had a lofty $64 million price tag—before dropping out.

As if this back-to-back fallout might seem like a crazy coincidence, it's not the first time the couple has dropped out of an escrow. In fact, the couple put an offer on a $50 million Bel Air home last year, but ultimately changed their minds.

Why Is the Couple Backing Out of So Many Deals?

So what's going on? Despite many reports that the couple's real-estate preferences are at odds, we have a feeling the reason is a lot simpler and, dare we say, normal. Even with an Oscar, a historic Super Bowl halftime show, and power couple status between them, the fact remains: Buying a home is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. (Of course, the stakes are raised even higher when you're dealing with many, many millions.)

Though the couple seems to have similar design styles—he previously lived in a "traditional East Coast" space, while she is a major Joanna Gaines fan—it's possible that they are struggling to find a home that ticks off all of the boxes. (The stars are no strangers to the market, but both of them have lived in their former homes for years. Translation: When they find a great place, they stay put for a while.)

Instead of settling on a home they half-heartedly love, they're waiting for their dream digs. And, as their long-term love story proves, good things come to those who wait.

Where Are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Living Now?

While not much is known about Bennifer's current situation, we have a feeling they'll be camping out in Lopez's Bel Air mansion until it's officially off the market. Since it's only a matter of time until the couple puts an offer on another property, check back here for updates.

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