Why an art student dumped 62,000 pounds of carrots in the middle of a London street

A college student is facing backlash over his allegedly “insensitive” art project. Rafael Perez Evans, a Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) student at Goldsmiths, University of London, unveiled his controversial exhibition on Sept. 29. The art installation, which was designed as his M.F.A. final project, basically involved dumping hundreds of thousands of carrots into the street. Evans, who is 29, left 240,000 carrots (about 62,000 pounds worth) outside of his college. Evans has stated on his website that the project was, in part, a reference to the practice of “dumping,” . a form of protest that European farmers have used to boycott price drops. In some cases, prices can get so low that it actually costs farmers money to get rid of their produce. Not everyone felt his message was worthwhile, though. Several of Evans’ classmates have spoken out against the installation, calling it “incredibly wasteful”. Evans, meanwhile, has held that the carrots were all “unwanted.” He wrote on his website that they will be “collected and sent to feed animals” after the exhibition