This ‘White Lotus’ Murder Plot Theory Is Completely Brilliant and I’m Fully Convinced

the white lotus
This ‘White Lotus’ Murder Plot Theory Is 🤯HBO

Warning: Episodes 1 through 5 of The White Lotus season 2 are discussed in this article, so if you’re not caught up, avert your eyes (but also get caught up…like, run).

At this point, my current interests include pie and The White Lotus, in that order. And figuring out who the killer is (and who gets killed) is priority number one. Obviously, there are already a lot of compelling theories about who dies on the fabulous beaches of Sicily this season, but one far outranks the rest and is best described as brilliant.

The theory comes from TikToker @Lisa.Clift, who has put together a through line that is so smart, it’ll be disappointing if this isn’t how the show plays out.

Watch the video above for its full impact, but if you’re currently at work and audio simply isn’t an option, here’s the general gist:

  • The theory postulates that Tanya’s husband Greg is plotting to have her killed so he can take her fortune.

  • There are several clues right from the beginning: Greg “insisting” they go to Sicily (kinda strange since he was itching to leave) and being upset that Tanya’s assistant joined (perhaps because he…doesn’t want a witness?).

  • In episode 2, we hear Greg speak to someone on the phone. Tanya assumes it’s another woman, but the theory speculates that it’s actually Quentin.

  • In episode 5, we learn Quentin was in love with a cowboy from America, who he’d do anything for. As the theory states, “Quentin admits that even 30 years later, he would still do anything for this man, and I believe that is killing Tanya.”

All this combined with the fact that Quentin’s sudden and intense interest in Tanya is all kinds of suspicious truly tells a compelling story. And if you head to the TikTok comments, there are some additional details that support the theory, like, “That’s why the ‘nephew’ is keeping Portia distracted” (so she’s not a witness!).

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