White House trolls Marjorie Taylor Greene for student loan criticism: ‘She had $183k in PPP loans repaid’

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The White House called out congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene on Thursday, after the Georgia Republican criticised the Biden administration’s student loan debt plan as unfair despite getting more than $183,000 in federal loan forgiveness herself.

Ms Greene has been a vocal critic of the president’s plan to forgive up to $10,000 in federal student loan debt, dismissing it as an unfair policy and a partisan ploy because Democrats “need votes in November.”

“For our government just to say, well OK, your debt is completely forgiven, obviously they have an agenda for that,” she said in a recent appearance on Newsmax. “They need votes in November so the timing is pure coincidence there as well. It’s completely unfair.”

“Taxpayers all over the country, taxpayers that never took out a student loan, taxpayers that pay their bills and maybe even never went to college, just hardworking people, they shouldn’t have to pay off the great big student loan debt for some college student that piled up massive debt going to some Ivy League school,” she added.

On Thursday, the White House noted in a tweet that Ms Greene herself received $183,504 in federal loan forgiveness as part of the pandemic-inspired Paycheck Protection Program, which she used for funds for her construction company, according to public records.

The Independent is reaching out to the GOP rep for comment.

Ms Greene wasn’t the only one the White House singled out for seemingly clashing views on federal loan forgiveness.

The Biden administration also noted that Republican critics of the student loan plan like representatives Vern Buchanan, Markwayne Mullin, and Kevin Hern all each had over $1m in PPP loans forgiven.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated with more information.